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Coffee Myths

…coffee to make you smile

There are all kinds of myths about coffee!

Here are just a few of them to make you smile

Dark coffee is stronger

No it’s not! Coffee strength is about the amount of caffeine it contains. When green coffee goes into a roaster, it’s literally just toasted to different levels of doneness. So actually, the lighter the colour the more intact are the caffeine compounds it contains.

Decaf is lower in quality and flavour

No it’s not! Reasons to drink decaf include a caffeine sensitivity, or you may just enjoy the taste of espresso after a meal without having to pay for it by tossing and turning in bed all night.

Coffee dehydrates you

Nope! It is still a drink and it contains water!

Coffee stunts your growth

This one has been around forever! It’s an old wives’ tale with no scientific backing at all.

Coffee helps you to sober up

Nope! It may help you feel more alert if you’re suffering the aftermath of drinking but it cannot reduce the amount of alcohol in your blood.

And finally, there’s no such thing as European Coffee. Coffee beans grow in Central and South America, East and West Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, and Hawaii. If you’ve bought coffee claiming to be from somewhere in Europe, it’s likely it has been roasted there and those flavor compounds start to break down shortly after they’re roasted.

So buy your beans locally roasted and grind them at home.

…coffee to make you smile
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