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Christopher Montrose Speciality Coffee FAQ’s

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A cup of coffee has around 95mg of caffeine and, because of the precision of each different brewing method, this tends to stay quite consistent (ie. it will not increase with the volume of the coffee) simply because the smaller your coffee, the stronger it usually is. A double espresso for example is around 2oz of coffee, whereas a 10oz Americano or filter coffee is much larger, but will have a much higher water content, and probably have a similar amount of caffeine.

A good quality handful of beans will all be similar in shape, size and color.

A handful of lesser quality beans may be of different sizes with broken pieces and with different colours showing up.

Warning! Good beans do not necessarily mean good coffee!

Lighter roasted coffee beans are roasted at a slightly lower temperature than the dark, which means that the fruitier and brighter taste notes tend to stay intact, whereas the darker roast coffee beans, roasted for longer, tend to have a smokier flavour as more of their oils are released in the process.

Caffeine itself seems to be very robust, so more heat exposure doesn’t necessarily mean the overall content changes very much at all between light and dark roasts. Caffeine content actually stays similar.

In short, no. But we understand why it’s often thought that it is. The flavours and characteristics of darker roasted coffee are often described as stronger. But this doesn’t translate to the caffeine content. As we’ve talked about above, caffeine is very robust and does stick around despite high temperatures, but if anything, there may be slightly less caffeine in dark roasts.

Health & Wellbeing

Caffeine is the most commonly consumed stimulant in the world and for both physical and mental alertness. Caffeine has been shown to increase a persons metabolic rate by up to 3-11% hence, in some cases, being effective for weight loss.

As well as caffeine, your coffee can also contain essential nutrients such as Potassium, Manganese, B2, B3 & B5 which are only going to help you in maintaining a healthy diet.

You can often feel the effects of caffeine up to around 6 hours after you’ve consumed it.

Even at that point though, because of caffeine’s half-life of 6 hours, your body will have only processed half the amount of caffeine that you consumed.

Despite caffeine making you feel more awake and alert, too much caffeine has also been shown to make you feel tired.

Firstly, if over consumed or consumed too close to your sleep time, caffeine can really affect your sleep schedule, meaning that you may be actually be getting enough good quality sleep

Secondly, caffeine blocks adenosine (the chemical that makes you feel calm and sleepy) which means that when the caffeine you’ve consumed has been metabolised, the build-up of adenosine will hit you all at once, giving you the feeling of sleepiness.

You can supplement your fasts with plenty of water, lemon water and black tea and coffee. Be sure to stick to black coffee though, without milk, cream or added sugar. The good news is that you can really make the most of the delightful flavors of coffee when enjoying is black. Your list of coffee options should include Americano, Espresso, Drip Brew, Cafetiere or Mochapot.

Coffee Origins

Brazil, Vietnam & Columbia are currently the top producers of coffee in the world.

There are many differences between the 2 beans, but here are the 3 most searched:

Arabica tends to be grown in countries with a more tropical climate like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil whereas Robusta tends to be grown in countries like Africa, Indonesia and India.

Arabica beans have milder more aromatic flavours whereas robusta tends to have a stronger and more bitter taste.

Robusta beans have around twice the caffeine content than Arabica.

Green coffee refers to un-roasted coffee beans that’s been picked and processed but not yet roasted.

Our Coffee

We offer a small, carefully selected range of coffee options, including single-origin, blends and a decaf (which also happens to be of single origin).

Coffee with a single geographic origin can offer very unique characteristics and flavours when compared with coffee blends that are from multiple origins.

Our single origin and single estate coffees include:

  • El Salvador Monte Sion

  • Fairtrade Brazil

  • Swiss Water Decaf

  • Colombian Huila

Using the Swiss Water Method to extract caffeine is gentle to the beans and preserves the original characteristics of the coffee. Unlike most other decaf coffees the process uses zero chemicals (chemicals that are also not good to living creatures) for the decaffeination process. For us (and you) this means better quality and better flavour as well as chemical free.

Well, obviously we’re biased because we think they’re all pretty great…. But it really depends what sort of flavours you like to taste in your brew and, of course, how you like to brew and enjoy it.

Ordering Coffee

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The Home Barista

There are a number of things you can compare between blades and burrs, but the short version is this:
Blade grinders can be much more affordable and simple to use, whereas a burr grinder will offer a much more consistent grind which will in turn deliver you a more balanced, flavourful cup of coffee.

The ideal way to make your coffee at home is to grind it fresh. But if you don’t have access to a grinder to make each cup fresh, then buying it ground is the next best thing. It’ll arrive in a resealable bag and you can order whichever grind type you need for your coffee maker.

It’s best to store your coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperature changes to preserve the flavour and aroma.


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You can reach our team through the Contact Us page on our website or by sending an email to [email protected]. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

…coffee to make you smile
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