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About Christopher Montrose Speciality Coffee

…coffee to make you smile

Christopher & Montrose

Christopher Montrose Coffee represents the vision of the two founding directors, Christopher Lewis and Montrose Babb-Benjamin, known otherwise to their friends as Chris and Monty.

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Their coffee experience brought about by individually having travelled the world is based on years of exploration. Over most of their life, thanks to upbringings in various countries, business travel, and of course vacations, Chris and Monty have enjoyed savouring the best coffees, shrugging off middle of the road tastes and screwing up their faces at the worst.
This unbeatable knowledge and understanding of what makes a superlative coffee experience has been further enriched by meeting, chatting and brewing with some of the finest coffee growers, importers, fellow roasters and baristas within the business. Their experience means they are perfectly placed to meet the demands in identifying, curating and otherwise creating a dreamy collection of great and highly individual coffee experiences.
Coffee Testimonial

We’ve discovered coffee that compliments the unique experience of our restaurants. At my French Brasserie on our 100-year-old Dutch ship moored at Ipswich Marina we offer seasonal menus. With Christopher Montrose Coffee we’ve perfectly matched their exceptional coffee with each menu. The customers are always complimenting us on our coffee.

Julien Jourdain
Mariners 1900 and Bistro on the Quay

Coffee that will never disappoint you

Ethically sourced coffee delight

Step into the enchanting realm of Christopher Montrose Coffee, where every sip of our ethically sourced coffee is an invitation to delight that elevates your coffee enjoyment to new heights.

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More than just purveyors of coffee

We take pride in being meticulous curators, imaginative creators and dedicated roasters. Our collection goes beyond the ordinary, featuring some of the finest gourmet and specialty coffee blends, including exclusive single origin and single estate coffees that promise a unique journey for your senses.

A commitment to coffee excellence

Our commitment to excellence shines through our rigorous selection process involving farms, exporters, importers, other roasters and baristas resulting in 5,500 tastings and counting. From this extensive exploration, we've handpicked fewer than ten extraordinary individual coffee experiences.

Why such a carefully curated range of coffees?

Consider this. While others boast vast selections, our passion lies in delivering a a small curated range wherein each coffee in our selection meets the highest standards. Consequently our selection ensures an unparalleled fusion of exceptional tastes and captivating aromas delivering moments of connection that linger in your memory.

Experience the difference

At Christopher Montrose Coffee, we believe that the art of coffee hunting is in finding and creating great experiences. After all, as they say, life is short. We invite you to savour the difference in our crafted selection of ethically sourced perfection that elevates your coffee enjoyment to new heights.
…coffee to make you smile
London. Paris. New York
+44 (0)20 3627 0969 [email protected]
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Registered in England and Wales with Company Number 9671758.
Reg’d Office: 8 Deben Mill Business Centre, Old Maltings Approach, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BL.

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