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Coffee has played a significant part in the culture of many countries and has travelled far from its origins to become a favourite all over the world. We will be exploring all this and more in our blog series each month, and if you have any questions about coffee that you’d like us to explore, please let us know.

June 13, 2024

What flavours characterise different coffee-growing regions

Explore the diverse flavour profiles of coffee from around the world. From Latin America’s chocolatey and nutty notes to Africa’s fruit...

June 13, 2024

What’s the difference between light, medium and dark coffee roasts?

Uncover the secrets of coffee roasting and find your ideal brew. From strong and nutty light roasts to balanced medium roasts and bold dark roasts,...

May 31, 2024

The Art of Coffee and Cheese Pairing

Coffee and cheese make a surprisingly great pair. The bold flavours of coffee enhance the creamy and tangy notes of cheese. Discover which beans an...

May 3, 2024

Coffee Controversy

Explore the heated debates and controversies surrounding coffee. Uncover the truths and myths behind this beloved beverage.

May 3, 2024

What and where is the coffee belt?

Discover the Coffee Belt, a global region where the finest coffee beans are cultivated. Learn about major coffee-producing regions, unique varietie...

April 4, 2024

Best Practises For Grinding Your Coffee At Home

Expert advice on grinding coffee at home, emphasizing the impact of grind size on flavour and the benefits of grinding beans just before brewing. I...

April 4, 2024

Coffee in Europe

A concise overview of Europe’s diverse coffee cultures, from Italy’s iconic espresso to Denmark’s third-wave cafes, and the histo...

March 15, 2024

Adaptogens and Coffee

Exploring the fusion of adaptogens with coffee, this blog investigates the growing popularity of mushroom coffee for its purported stress-relief an...

March 2, 2024

Sipping Through the Hours – How Italians Select the Perfect Coffee for Each Moment of the Day

In the enchanting world of Italian coffee culture, every moment of the day calls for a specific coffee ritual. From the bold and invigorating espre...

February 1, 2024

Boozy Coffee Winter Warmers

Try some of these when the weather outside is frightful Embrace the winter chill with our inviting collection of heartwarming coffee recipes design...

January 9, 2024

Interesting facts about coffee

Dive into the fascinating world of coffee with Christopher Montrose Coffee. Explore unique facts about coffee’s history, production, and glob...

January 2, 2024

What’s better? Coffee beans or ready ground?

Unravel the secrets of coffee beans vs ground coffee with Christopher Montrose. Learn why whole beans might offer a fresher taste and how ground co...

December 5, 2023

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz We wish you all a very happy Christmas and here’s something to keep you entertained. A fun quiz for all the family with the potent...

November 17, 2023

What are the origins of the Americano?

Explore the fascinating journey of the Americano coffee from its military roots during World Wars to becoming a global favourite. Learn how this be...

November 3, 2023

Mocha: More Than Just Chocolate and Coffee

Dive into the intriguing history of Mocha coffee, from its roots in Yemen’s Moka beans to its evolution in Italian and American cultures. Dis...

October 17, 2023

Weird and wonderful coffee

Explore the innovative and eco-friendly uses of coffee grounds, from strengthening concrete to refreshing air fresheners. Join Christopher Montrose...

October 3, 2023

Turkish Coffee and any health benefits from unfiltered coffee

Join Christopher Montrose Coffee in exploring Turkish coffee: from its rich cultural heritage to its health implications. Learn about its unique br...

September 17, 2023

Coffee Is Good For You

Uncover the health benefits of coffee, including reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer, with insights from FDA and leading health organizati...

September 3, 2023

Water Quality

Discover how water hardness and mineral content impact your coffee’s taste. Learn from Christopher Montrose Coffee about the ideal water cond...

August 17, 2023

Unveiling the Excellence of Specialty Coffee: A Connoisseur’s Guide

Dive into the world of Specialty Coffee. Discover how grading, testing, and sourcing define the luxurious taste and quality of these exceptional be...

August 3, 2023

Caffeine and Coffee

Learn how coffee provides a unique brain boost not found in plain caffeine, with insights from the latest research. Start your day with more than j...

July 17, 2023

Decaffeinated Coffee

Explore the origins, processes, and emerging trends in decaffeinated coffee. Understand caffeine sensitivity and discover the Swiss Water Process w...

July 3, 2023

Coffee And Your Working Day

Explore how coffee shapes remote work experiences. Dive into employee insights on coffee’s impact on morale, connection, and productivity wit...

June 17, 2023

Coffee Grounds and the Garden

Discover the truth about using coffee grounds in your garden. Uncover their benefits and drawbacks in compost, as fertilizer, and for pest control,...

June 3, 2023

Summer Coffee Cocktails and How to Make Them

Embrace summer evenings with our selection of coffee-infused cocktails. From Dark n Stormy to a Cold Brew Gin & Tonic, find the perfect blend ...

May 17, 2023

Coffee Made With Oil

Discover the health benefits and unique taste of oil-infused coffee. Explore recipes using coconut and olive oil for a nutritious twist on your mor...

May 3, 2023

New Coffee Taste

Discover how global warming is impacting Arabica coffee and the rising potential of Liberica as an alternative. Learn about the future of coffee cu...

April 17, 2023

Coffee Acidity

What is coffee acidity and how does it affect coffee flavour? Acidity is one of the major coffee characteristics along with body, aroma, sweetness,...

April 3, 2023

Coffee Syrups

Coffee Syrups and sauces add a little extra something to the morning cuppa It seems people are becoming even more adventurous with their coffee and...

March 17, 2023

Resting Freshly Roast Coffee

Why does coffee need to be rested after roasting? Super fresh – one to five day old freshly roasted coffee can sometimes be less flavoursome ...

March 6, 2023

Home Roasting

Roasting your own coffee at home …it’s not difficult and you don’t need fancy equipment. A frying pan will do! For us, whilst hunting and dis...

February 17, 2023

Coffee and Food

Which foods go well with coffee? Leaving aside coffee cake there are other foods that are a match made in heaven with coffee. DoughnutsThe sweetnes...

February 3, 2023

Coffee Myths

There are all kinds of myths about coffee! Here are just a few of them to make you smile Dark coffee is stronger No it’s not! Coffee strength is ...

January 17, 2023


How does growing altitude affect coffee? As we reported in our November blog Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is tightly regulated by the Jamaica Comm...

January 17, 2023

Storing Coffee

What is the best way to store coffee? Coffee, like many natural, fresh products, is vulnerable to being exposed to air, which can, over time, degra...

December 28, 2022

Christmas Quiz Answers

Answers: 1. Lloyds of London2. Ethiopia3. Finland4. Jamaica in mountains above 3000 feet5. Germany6. Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaican Rum, Sugar and ...

December 3, 2022

Christmas Quiz

Some light relief in the run-up to the Christmas Festivities. Try our Christmas Quiz along with a coffee to make you smile. We thought we’d celeb...

November 17, 2022

Cooking with coffee

Perhaps the best-known uses of coffee in food are in coffee, or coffee and walnut cakes. But there are some surprising ways in which coffee can be ...

November 3, 2022

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Why is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee so special? Grown only in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Kingston to the south and Port Antonio to the north, thi...

October 17, 2022

Home Coffee Making Equipment

If you read our blog on Aug 3 on coffee drinks and how to make some of them at home you’ll see below we’ve mentioned various pieces of equipmen...

October 4, 2022

Coffee Rituals and Traditions Around the World

Coffee rituals and traditions around the world Germany Kaffee und Kuchen is a tradition taking place In the afternoon, when family and friends gath...

September 22, 2022

October 1 is International Coffee Day

In some of our blogs we have covered some of the issues, including climate change, facing coffee growers around the world. Do feel free to take a l...

September 3, 2022

Tech Helping Coffee Cultivation

Brazilian coffee growers harnessing technology to combat climate change and increase productivity In our May 17 blog we highlighted the effects of ...

August 17, 2022

Coffee Consumption

Who drinks the most coffee in the world? The answers will surprise you! According to the International Coffee Organisation, of the top ten countrie...

August 3, 2022

Coffee Drinks

Different types of coffee drinks explained ..and yes, you can make some of them at home! In previous blogs we’ve explained the history, cultivati...

July 17, 2022

Changing Lives in DR Congo

How coffee cultivation is changing lives in a war-torn country The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered for generations from conflict between ...

July 3, 2022


Extraction – what is it? And how to get it right …or wrong Extraction is simply the process by which flavour is extracted from a coffee bean us...

June 17, 2022

Q Graders

What is a Q Grader? A Q grader is a highly trained and qualified specialist licensed in assessing coffee in the same way as a sommelier assesses wi...

June 3, 2022


All about baristas Those people who can make all the difference in making you a coffee that makes you smile Strictly speaking a barista is someone ...

May 17, 2022

Climate Change and Coffee

Climate change – could your morning coffee become a thing of the past? Climate change scientists predict that there will be an overall decrease o...

May 3, 2022

Coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta

What’s the difference? The two best-known types of coffee bean are Arabica, and Robusta, of which more than 60% of the beans produced globally ar...

April 17, 2022

Coffee Cultivation Part 2

Coffee Cultivation From Coffee bean to cup Before they can be sold there are several more stages of preparation coffee beans need to be put through...

April 3, 2022

Coffee Cultivation Part 1

Coffee Cultivation From Seed to Ripe Coffee Bean The top ten coffee producing countries are all located in the belt running between the tropics of ...

March 16, 2022

Coffee Does Make You Smile

The myth that coffee is bad for you… ..Oh no it isn’t! Because it contains caffeine, a stimulant, coffee has been accused of being bad for ...

March 2, 2022

Coffee Houses

The history of Coffee Houses… Egalitarian, informative sources of enlightenment Coffee houses became common across the Arabian Peninsula as t...

February 15, 2022

Coffee history part 2

The history of coffee continued… Coffee and coffee houses continued to spread across Europe and by the 17th Century coffee could be found in ...

February 7, 2022

Coffee history part 1

Condemned by Venetian clergy as the “bitter invention of Satan”. Legend has it that it was a goat herder in the mountains of Ethiopia who first...

January 17, 2022

Christopher Montrose Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our quiz. How many did you get right? Answers 1. Central Perk 2. In Edward Lloyd’s coffee house, Tower Street, London in ...

January 4, 2022

Christopher Montrose Quiz

Welcome to our new blogs. We have a light-hearted, coffee related quiz to get you started. Come back in two weeks for the answers. Questions 1. Wha...

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