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What’s the difference between light, medium and dark coffee roasts?

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Have you ever been asked in a coffee shop what type of roast you want?

Unless you are a coffee enthusiast, this might not mean a lot, but there is a difference between light, medium and dark roasts, and it affects the flavour of your drink.

It is often assumed that the darker the roast, the stronger the flavour, but this is not correct.

Light roast

These are actually the ones with the strongest flavour.

The beans are left to reach around 350°F to 400°F (176.7°C to 204.4°C) for about 4-6 minutes before hearing the “first crack.” This is the popping sound the beans make.

The first crack means a light roast. They are cooked for the shortest time at a lower temperature, and light roasts retain far more of the coffee bean’s flavour characteristics.

They can taste somewhat nutty and grainy and are an excellent choice for those who enjoy a mild-bodied cup.

They are also rich in antioxidants, which means they contain anti-inflammatory properties, can regulate blood sugar levels, and are anti-carcinogenic

Medium roast

Logically, therefore, the longer the roast, the more flavour and acidity are lost from the beans.

Therefore, medium-roasted beans are more balanced in terms of flavour than light-roasted beans. They are roasted for longer and at a higher temperature, usually until the second crack. The longer roasting time also leads to a loss of moisture, and the flavour is less pungent.

This tends to be the most popular among coffee drinkers.

Dark roast

If you are not a dedicated coffee enthusiast, the dark roast might not be for you as it has a more bitter and slightly burnt flavour.

To achieve a dark roast, the coffee beans are roasted to 440°F (226.7°C) and removed as soon as the second crack occurs or a little while after.

Dark roasts are said to be less acidic than light and medium roasts and, therefore, kinder to your stomach.

For more, visit: https://yourdreamcoffee.com/light-medium-and-dark-roast-coffee-differences/

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