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Coffee Rituals and Traditions Around the World

…coffee to make you smile

Coffee rituals and traditions around the world


Kaffee und Kuchen is a tradition taking place In the afternoon, when family and friends gather for coffee, special and often sumptuous cakes and conversation.

Its origins can be traced back to the 17th Century when coffee first came into the country. Originally only practiced by the aristocracy it had become widespread by the 19th Century.


Café de Olla: this drink was originally brewed during the Mexican revolution to help soldiers stay alert and positive.

The coffee is brewed in a clay pot with spices, especially cinnamon, brown cane sugar, cacao and orange peel. It uses dark roasted coffee and when the heat is turned off it is left to steep for ten minutes then strained to get rid of the cinnamon sticks and orange peel before serving.


Café Touba: is made with ground selim pepper and drunk for enjoyment as well as a medicine. It is often sold from street carts.


Kaffeeost: is coffee poured over a piece of dried cheese that soaks in the strong brew and becomes creamy. It is served in a wide, wooden mug.


Mocha: although the name implies chocolate, in fact traditional Yemeni coffee is made with cardamom or ginger, which give it a chocolatey aftertaste.  It is traditionally served from an ornate pitcher into small handleless cups and accompanied by dates.

Arabic coffee rituals

Not surprisingly serving coffee has long been an important part of Arabic hospitality.

Traditionally prepared in front of guests according to strict rituals it starts with selection and roasting of the beans in a shallow pan over a small coal fire before being placed in a shallow copper mortar for the beans to be pounded.

The coffee grounds are then placed into a large copper coffee pot. Water is then added and the pot is brewed on the fire. Once brewed, it is poured from the large pot into a smaller coffee pot and then into small cups.

Younger people serve important and older guests and those with rank first, and always from the right side to the end and never from the left.

…coffee to make you smile
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