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The Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Alternative

…coffee to make you smile

Are you tired of breaking the bank for a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? Look no further! We’re excited to introduce our Drip Brew Special, a game-changing coffee blend that rivals the flavour profile of Jamaican Blue Mountain at a fraction of the cost.

Blended from Central American Arabica beans, our Drip Brew Special delivers a sharp, strong flavour with notes of sweetness and maltiness. As an espresso, it reveals caramel and toffee notes from the Costa Rica beans. This versatile coffee is perfect for any time of day, whether you’re looking for a satisfying morning brew or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

But what sets our Drip Brew Special apart from the competition? Our owners explain:

“We created Drip Brew Special when we were looking for a filter coffee that could rival the flavour profile of Jamaican Blue Mountain. We wanted to find beans that would provide us with a similar taste experience, but at a lower price point. It was a tough challenge, but we succeeded in creating a blend and roast that many of our customers say tastes better than Jamaican Blue Mountain – and at a fraction of the cost!”

So, what makes Arabica beans so special? Prized for their sweet, fruity flavours and higher acidity, Arabica beans elevate the taste profile of our blend. The sweetness ranges from caramel to floral notes, while the increased acidity adds vibrancy and brightness, resulting in a well-balanced and sophisticated coffee experience.

The Benefits of Blended Coffee

Opting for a blended coffee like our Drip Brew Special comes with a host of perks. A good blend can offer a harmonious fusion of beans from diverse origins, resulting in a well-balanced flavour profile that caters to a broad range of tastes. The synergy of different beans often brings out the best in each, creating a consistent and dependable cup of coffee. Blends like this one are ideal for those who appreciate a reliable and familiar flavour, as our roasters have skillfully fine-tuned the ratios to achieve a balanced and satisfying brew.

About Christopher Montrose Coffee

Christopher Montrose Coffee represents the vision of our two founding directors, Christopher Lewis and Montrose Babb-Benjamin. With years of exploration and a passion for great coffee, Chris and Monty have curated a dreamy collection of highly individual coffee experiences. Their unbeatable knowledge and understanding of what makes a superlative coffee experience have been further enriched by meeting and working with some of the finest coffee growers, importers, fellow roasters, and baristas within the business.

Try Drip Brew Special Today!

Don’t break the bank for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Try our Drip Brew Special today and experience the same flavour profile at a fraction of the cost. With prices often less than half of Jamaican Blue Mountain, you can indulge in a superior coffee experience without the hefty price tag.

Get your hands on our Drip Brew Special here.

…coffee to make you smile
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