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Summer Coffee Cocktails and How to Make Them

…coffee to make you smile

Summer Evenings: A Time for Patio Relaxation and Delightful Cocktails

On warm summer evenings there’s nothing to beat sitting on the patio with friends and, of course, a delicious cocktail or two.

Here are a couple of favourites:

Dark n Stormy: A Coffee-Infused Classic

A classic cocktail with a dash of freshly brewed espresso to pair with traditional ginger beer

You’ll need a cocktail shaker (or a jar with a screw-top lid). Put your glasses (drinking glasses) in the fridge (either martini glasses or coupes) and then put the following into your shaker:

  • 25ml dark rum
  • 25ml tequila
  • ice
  • ginger beer
  • 2 tbsp freshly brewed espresso

Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in the rum and tequila. Stir then top with ginger beer. Slowly pour in the espresso.

The Bittersweet Elegance of Negroni

A bittersweet Gin, Campari and sweet Vermouth based cocktail.25ml Dry Gin

  • 20ml Campari
  • 25ml coffee liqueur
  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth
  • Orange zest twist for the garnish

In a mixing glass filled with ice, add the dry Gin, Campari, liqueur and sweet vermouth. Gently stir until chilled.

Strain into an old-fashioned glass and add one large ice cube.

Express an orange twist over the drink and rub it around the rim before dropping it into the glass (or peg it to the side of the glass).

Cold Brew Gin & Tonic: A Refreshing Twist

  • Cold brew coffee
  • Good quality gin
  • Good quality tonic water

Fill a tall glass with ice
Add 35ml gin
Top with 75ml tonic water
Gently float 25ml of cold brew coffee by pouring directly onto ice
Garnish with orange peel (optional)

Enjoy your summer evening!

…coffee to make you smile
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