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Interesting facts about coffee

…coffee to make you smile

Coffee is Actually a Fruit

Did you know that the coffee we drink actually comes from a fruit? Coffee trees bear berries, and what we call green coffee beans are the pits of these berries. Inside the red berries are the actual seeds. This little-known fact adds a fruity twist to our understanding of coffee!

Espresso – The Pressed Coffee

Espresso, a favourite of coffee connoisseurs, gets its name from the Italian word meaning “pressed out.” This refers to the method of making espresso, where boiling water is forced through tightly packed coffee grounds, creating a strong, concentrated brew.

Bach’s Coffee Love

Johann Sebastian Bach, the renowned composer, was also a coffee enthusiast. His “Kaffeekantate,” performed between 1732 and 1735 in Leipzig, Germany, is an ode to this beloved beverage, highlighting the cultural significance of coffee in the 18th century.

Global Coffee Consumption

Astonishingly, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day. This staggering number not only speaks to coffee’s immense popularity but also to its role as a global unifier, bringing people together across continents.

Coffee and Divorce in the Ottoman Empire

During the Ottoman Empire, coffee played a unique role in marital stability. A woman could request a divorce if her husband failed to provide her with enough fresh coffee. This unusual law underscores the deep cultural significance of coffee in historical societies.

Caffè Sospeso – A Tradition of Kindness

In Italy, the tradition of ‘caffè sospeso’ or ‘suspended coffee’ is a beautiful act of generosity. Patrons pay for an extra cup of coffee, which can later be claimed by someone in need. This heartwarming practice demonstrates the spirit of community and care inherent in coffee culture.

Coffee’s Role in American History

The Boston Tea Party, a pivotal event leading up to the American Revolutionary War, inadvertently popularized coffee in the USA. As tea became associated with British rule, drinking coffee turned into a patriotic act, reshaping the American beverage landscape.

The World’s Most Expensive Coffee – Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak, often exceeding $600 a pound, is the world’s most expensive coffee. Its uniqueness comes from the Asian palm civet, a cat-like creature that eats coffee cherries but cannot digest the beans. The beans are then collected from the animal’s feces, resulting in a smooth, less acidic brew.

Bees and Coffee – An Essential Relationship

Bees play a crucial role in coffee production as the primary pollinators of coffee plants. Coffee flowers produce sweet, caffeinated nectar, attracting bees and ensuring the plant’s reproduction. This symbiotic relationship highlights the ecological significance of coffee beyond just being a popular beverage.

…coffee to make you smile
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