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Coffee And Your Working Day

…coffee to make you smile

How important is coffee in your working day?

The period of lockdowns during the Covid epidemic prompted a change to remote working and a different type of working day.

The Shift in Coffee Culture with Remote Working

With it went the custom of taking a break for a chat around the coffee machine and perhaps the opportunity to pick up on the office “gossip”.

We are interested in your thoughts about how important coffee is in your working day now, especially if you have continued to work remotely.

The Social Aspect of Coffee in the Workplace

Do you miss those coffee machine chats, and does it mean you feel less connected to what is going on in your business?

What does a cuppa mean to you?

Employee Perspectives on Coffee’s Impact

Some of the comments we’ve had so far include:

“There’s nothing like starting the day with a great coffee”.

“A great coffee will raise staff morale and spirits.”

“Great tasting coffee brightens your day.”

Coffee Solutions for Onsite Work Environments

For those offices that are still operating with staff on the premises, we can help you put together the right kit to suit your requirements, so contact us to discuss your needs.

Seeking Your Insights on Coffee and Remote Work

And please do get in touch about your feelings about the changes to remote working and how it has affected your coffee drinking habits.

Are you drinking more? Less? About the same?

…coffee to make you smile
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